Rowing Club at NC State

NC State Rowing Club continues a tradition of excellence, competing in regattas across the eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to Georgia.  Training 6+ days a week, rowers commit themselves to land and water practices in an effort to find their personal limits and exceed them.

As a club sport the team is entirely run on donations and payments made by the students while competing against scholarship athletes. While this is a big task, we at NC State Rowing Club think there is nothing wrong with being the underdog - especially when you can prove the little guys have their day too.

The team rows at Lake Wheeler in Raleigh, a 15 minute drive from campus. Lake Wheeler is large enough to accommodate our practice for 2k and 5k regattas.

The Rowing Club at NC State is currently in possession of nine boats. They might not be the newest, but they serve the team extremely well!


  • 2005 Vespoli

  • 2005 Vespoli

  • 2005 Pocock


  • 2008 Vespoli

  • 2006 Vespoli

  • 2003 Resolute

  • 2001 Vespoli


  • 2004 Vespoli

  • 2001 Vespoli


  • 1998 Kaschper