Rowing Club at NC State

Since 1988, the Rowing Club at NC State (formerly NCSU Crew, NC State Rowing Club) has competed in collegiate events at regattas across the Eastern Seaboard. The team practices at Lake Wheeler in the fall and spring and at an indoor rowing facility in the winter (see Practice Schedule for more details). Lake Wheeler is a 15 minute drive south from Main Campus.

Rowing is a team sport. Each rower pushes themself at practice not only for personal improvement, but also for the knowledge that every person in the boat is giving their best effort to move the crew through the water. Club members regularly exceed their personal expectations for the betterment of their friends in the boat with them.

Rowing is not all about quads and cardio, however. It is also a very technical sport. Small adjustments in even one rower’s form can have a large impact on how the boat behaves and how the rowers perform as a unit. As such, rowers quickly become used to working as a team on physical and mental levels, and many find friends for a lifetime.

As a student-run non-profit organization operating as a club sport, the team functions entirely through donations, fundraising, and dues collected from club members. Compared to collegiate programs with scholarship athletes, we are underfunded. But, for what we lack in funds we more than make up for in spirit. Members of the Rowing Club at NC State think there is nothing wrong with being the underdog - especially when we prove our position as competitors.

The Rowing Club at NC State is currently in possession of 10 racing shells, as well as a boat trailer.